Monday, July 20, 2015

What Inspires You?

Engage with us! Tell us what inspires you!! Other artists? A sunset? Your baby?? Post pictures in the comments of something that inspires you or visit us on Facebook to connect and share what you find beautiful and motivating!!

I like growing things even though I know my dog will eventually eat them before it's harvest time.

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Dresser for Baby Clyde!

This was a project that I did for a new member of my friend's family, baby Clyde. I am really digging the whole upcycle and repurpose idea with swap meet and thrift store finds. I've completed a few different projects now and hoping they will find homes like this guy did.

Catch Of The Day

The environment around us is beyond damaged. I'm not a huge activist, but I try my hardest to do my part. I am guilty of tossing plastic bags and bottles into the garbage can. It's almost second nature to throw things away. I've been trying to make more of a conscious effort to stop myself from contributing to a landfill and our eventual demise, but it can be hard. What do you do to make an effort to reduce waste? Leave a comment below and tell us your ideas!

New Painting!

This was one of those paintings that you don't really plan on. It just came out of my brain the other day and was a fun one to work on. Whenever the urge hits you, you should just be creative in any way that feels right! Unless you feel at your most creative when murdering people, then don't do that. But, almost anything else we would like to see in the comments section below! Post a pic and follow us on Facebook!

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It's What's For Dinner

This was inspired by yet another depressing Netflix documentary. Next up, a painting of a killer whale eating a trainer!!



All of these are made out of plastic grocery bags, milk cartons, soda bottles, and pretty much any other type of plastic household waste you can imagine. I do this in my spare time (of which, I have a lot) and it is very relaxing. People seem to really like them, too.

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