Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Woozy Plastics

No Coast Collective

Trace and I have recently been added as artists and writers to the new site nocoastcollective.com. This is an amazing project by the very talented Kara Flaherty. She and Kevin Whetstone have contributed pieces of writing and pictures, along with several other very talented people who are described as being, "...loosely based in the Midwest." 

Monday, July 8, 2013


The Sketch...


This was a four piece set that Trace Lewis painted. It looked awesome on our wall and creeped the kids out. Bonus!! He is a master at painting and drawing zombies. One of the many reasons I married him. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Oil Pastel Creatures

Trace Lewis created this little guy and it was a great piece to wake up to every morning before we moved and it got lost in the shuffle. I should go out to the garage and start unpacking stuff from three moves ago to find it. He draws the best little creatures. 


This was a pre-tattoo apprenticeship tattoo. Courtesy of Shawna Svacina on Trace Lewis's leg. Medium: Sharpie.


Finger Puppet

This little guy was part of an attempt at making something every day for 30 days in a different creative outlet. I think I managed to keep it up for six days. Maybe seven...

Ink Queen

Love Doodle-10

Love Doodle-9

Love Doodle-8

Love Doodle-7

Love Doodle-6

Love Doodle-5

Love Doodle-4

Love Doodle-3

Love Doodle-1

Love Doodle-2

Trace's Mustache Mirror

Lino Cuts

Our Shop Art Amuk (before closing)


Shawna Svacina

Gypsy Queen

Shawna Svacina

This Way Up

Shawna Svacina

Sock Puppet

Shawna Svacina

Rocker Girl

Blind As A Bat

Shawna Svacina

Hanging up at In Bloom Tattoo, Big Pine, Ca.

Another Horse Fly

Best In Show- Nail Biter

Shawna Svacina

This painting won Best of Show in the 2012 Tri County Fair.

The Beginning Stages Of Horse Fly

Shawna Svacina

I liked how this looked even as an incomplete piece. 

Commissioned Horse Fly

Shawna Svacina 

Horse Fly

Shawna Svacina and Trace Lewis

Peachy Cheeks

Shawna Svacina 

This started out as a rough sketch of my nephew Justin and kind of just turned into a peach.

Big Eyed Bird Doodle


Collaboration between Trace Lewis and Shawna Svacina.

Space Pod Doodle

Mixed Media Owl

This was a collaboration piece between Trace Lewis and Shawna Svacina.

Balancing Act

Chain Link

This painting was donated to an art auction to help with raising money for a local family's grandson afflicted with cancer. 

Fly Head


Zeros and Ones


Giraffe Pez

Elephant Pez

Donkey Pez

Cow Pez

Owl Pez

Octopus Pez

Frog Pez